Be present synonyms

Synonyms and related words Existing, happening or being dealt with now existing present immediate ... Explore Thesaurus 1a being considered now The subjects in the present study have been replaced by younger people. Synonyms and related words 2 never before noun at an event, or in a place I wasn’t present when Dr. Allott examined Clare..

to be present at. to arise; to occur; to show up; to attend; to witness; to observe; to be present at. arise verb (arises, arised, arising) occur verb (occurs, occured, occuring) show up verb (shows. 1 as in offered to bring before the public in performance or exhibition we will present a performance of Our Town tomorrow evening Synonyms & Similiar Words Relevance offered gave staged carried performed mounted displayed exhibited unveiled showed represented paraded portrayed exposed rendered previewed depicted played enacted proffered dramatized.

articles for present use 1; the present topic 1; the present system 1; present observations 1; being or existing in a specified place 1. the murderer is present in this room 1; present at the wedding.




What is another word for To present? represent introduce perform deliver give gift grant bestow show display exhibit submit produce present furnish donate dish up indicate reveal feed serve supply lodge let afford provide yield hand entrust hand in Use filters to view other words, we have 71 synonyms for to present. Filters. Very common driver. It can drive a variety of relays, including a reed-relay.Transistor Q1and Q2 are a simple common-emitter amplifier that increases the effective sensitivity of the 12 volt relay coil about a 100 times, or in other words, the current gain for this circuit is 100. Using this setup reduces the relay sensitivity to a few volts.. Note Holder Lead, Note Holder Lead Suppliers.

Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Noun. The state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present. presence. attendance. residence. existence. occupancy. companionship..

Nouns frequently used as objects of present challenge, difficulty, obstacle, problem, threat 3 to offer something for people to consider or judge The commission presented its report in October. present something to someone: Barnes subsequently presented the case to a meeting of the joint subcommittee. Synonyms and related words 4.